Apply Vista 3D effects in XP


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Flip 3D is to arrive to your Windows XP, yes, those special effects you could see in your computer’s friend when he uses Linux can now be in your computer.

Windows XP users had to install and apply some mods if they wanted to have some effects, but now and thanks to Madotate, you will be able to enjoy them and change the look of PC performance.

Windows XP is 2D, but Madotate adds a new dimension and convert it into a 3D environment. Push, rotate, flip your windows.

Madotate adds a new button to the left of the minimize button of each open window, allowing you to flip a window up with its lower half receding into the distance.

Add 3D to your desktop, it is good ad it is really comfortable, but if you get tired of it, just press the go back to 2D button and everything will be as before.
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